UK Exhibitions from The History Books

The UK has a large passion for art events and exhibitions and is whole fully attended by art lovers and collectors. Throughout history, Britain has obtained an honest place in the history of art. These exhibitions in the UK helped to bring Britain to a new level in Art.

Manet and the Post-Impressionists – London – 1910

Manet and the Post-Impressionists were held in London at the Grafton Galleries. Curator Roger Fry arranged this exhibition which later became a landmark of works by Paul Gaugin, Edouard Manet, Henri Matisse, and even Vincent Van Gogh. The exhibition was the door leading into the UK’s newfound love for the impressionist movement.

Post-impressionism helped to contextualize new artistic practices and, through it, into a coherent art historical narrative that will span throughout history and the future of arts festivals and exhibitions.

London International Surrealist Exhibition  – London – 1936

The London International Surrealist Exhibition was held in London at the New Burlington Gallery in 1937. The exhibition was seen as the start of the Surrealist movement that originated in Paris. With the surrealist movement and this exhibition, the power of imagination and the way in which art took a new form became quite popular throughout Britain.

With Salvador Dali leading the Surrealist movement in the 30s, he was at the forefront of the attention in the exhibition.

Treasures of Tutankhamun – London – 1972

Treasures of Tutankhamun was held at the British Museum in London. The exhibit was organized after an agreement between Egypt’s President Nasser and the UK government. The exhibition is known to be halfway into the century when King Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered. The exhibit showcased the 50 items that were found in the tomb’s treasury. The pieces included jewellery, furniture, coffins, scarabs, and other artefacts.

With these exhibitions all being from the 1900s, there is still a lot more than the UK can make history with regarding the arts and exhibitions.