Art Blogs

It’s important to stay up to date on the latest art news if you are trying to get into art investment or just to learn more about the industry. The blogs on this list provide vital information on art in the UK and even provide advice on how to start exploring your talents.

Rise Art –

Rise Art stands as an Art Magazine and blog that provides posts, news, releases, and details on art events. Based in London, the blog was started in 2010 with a passion for all things art. The magazine is used by many to discover original art from talented artists from around the world. They sell paintings, photographs, and limited edition prints at affordable prices. The blog frequently posts new articles.

Making a Mark

Making a Mark is based in London and was established in 2005b as a blog about art, artists, and art lovers. They provide news on major art exhibitions, intertwine with well-known artists and even provide some advice and tips on everything from paint brushing to running an art business.

Jacksons Art –

Jackson’s Art Blog was established in 2009, and its shop offers a cast range of art materials to artists from all over the world. They are experts and carry a lot of knowledge as a term of practising artists.

ArtMag –

ArtMag was established in 2007 as a reliable art magazine. They are dedicated to Scotland and North East England and provide information on upcoming art festivals, new and established artists, and morel. They aim to inspire readers and ensure them they will gain a lot by attending exhibiting, investing in art, and learning more about art.

Visit the blogs on this list for the latest news and details on art, artists, and exhibitions that are being hosted in the UK.