Pete Hackett

Pete is Artist/Photographer who loves the random picture, the unusual object, the strange juxtaposition... alongside the beautiful sea/landscape and human images.

He has been an Artist in one form or another since going to Art College back in the 70's. Like the Theatre, where he worked for 30 years, "Art gets in your blood. I can't help it and, since moving to Lyme Regis eighteen years ago, I have returned to making work, as well as photography, exhibiting both and thoroughly enjoying the process".

In /Out

In / Out FacesIn / Out Installation'In / Out' was an idea that grew out of finding a way to show some more images in an outside piece at the Malthouse .I wanted to get people to look at some images I would not normally show.

It took on an extra element with Brexit, Look closely and the outer graffiti says Stay and Leave. The doors became the vehicle to do this and everything else they represent is a bonus.







'Obsession' may remain longer - it depends on funding..