Nick Henderson

I have always been interested in sculpture but it was only through my friendship with a man better known as a potter and now sadly passed away, that I came  to start making sculpture. So it was that Seth Cardew showed me how to model in clay, how to work with wax and make plaster moulds. All that then led to me building my own foundry here in Cornwall and to then start casting in bronze, ciment fondu,  and aluminium. My sculptures are mostly based on real life, horses, people, lions, dogs, and the more I do it, the more I realise how difficult it is to imitate the beauty that nature creates all around us with such ease. I suppose that Michaelangelo and Rodin are the two greats that I have come to admire the most.


My sculpture of Sultan is of one of the biggest dogs I have ever seen - a mastin d’espagne. The real dog “Sultan” lives in Spain and belongs to my dear friends Manolo and Maribel  - Sultan had a brother called Tsar who was equally impressive. My Sultan was modelled in clay over a polystyrene armature, and then an 8 piece plaster mould was made. The mould was then hollow cast with ciment fondu reinforced with fibreglass matt and coated with bronze using a process I developed myself.