Most of you know we are in the final 14 in our category - that's not bad when you know that we started as 1 of 301 Cummunity Projects looking for between £10,000 and £25,000, Nationwide.

A new submission goes into the judging panel by December 7th and then we wait until January 10th to see if we are one of three award-winners to be selected from the final 14!

We got there with votes from over 400 supporters who took the trouble to place a vote or, in most cases, ten votes. 

Not everybody survived the various obstacles the Aviva website presented, but in the end 3636 votes was sufficient to get us through. 

Thank you, everybody. 


Possibly, there are some residents in Lyme who still know nothing about this, but we did all work really hard to spread the word, and none was more enthusiastic nor more proactive than the one-and-only Councillor Jeff Scowen (AKA D.J Madjeff).  That little surge at the end was Jeff's FB friends putting on a real spurt for us. Brilliant. 

Jeff has been a staunch supporter from day one and over the summer generated a dozen of his zany videos on the evolving sculpture trail.  For those that missed them here is your chance to catch up. Most of them are here. Click on any image of a sculpture below, and you should find yourself looking at Jeff's video in response to that piece. Enjoy, in the knowledge that no artworks endured torture for more than 3 minutes in the making of any of these videos. 



Published on 01/12/2016.

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