VIBRANT SKYLINE is the first work to emerge on the EAST CLIFFS SCULPTURE TRAIL

WILLOW EMBELLISHED CHESTNUT FENCEWe are delighted that St Michael’s Church will be involved in ArtFest this year through its inclusion on the new sculpture trail.

By August, there will be two sculptures in the church grounds. The first, ‘Vibrant Skyline’, is an installation using an ornamental willow to embellish the sweet chestnut fence on the churchyard boundary. It aims to provide a pulse of colour on the skyline all through the summer. It is taking some weeks to install, with small additions being made on separate occasions.  'Vibrant Skyline’ will attempt to articulate this year’s ArtsFest theme of ‘in transition’. 

It is placed on the boundary between the churchyard and the cliffs where the new fence already marks a dramatic transition point.  On the one side, gravestones celebrate the lives of people who once lived locally but are gone.  On the other side, a bold attempt has been made to resist the natural collapse of the land into the sea.  You might say that the fence marks a transition from an acceptance to a denial.  While the installation unfolds over several weeks, the fence itself will have been in transition from a striking traditional form into a piece of trivial fun. Over the summer the sun and rain will dull the natural glow of the willow to a quiet brown.  Finally, as winter sets in, the willow will be removed to leave not a trace of its intervention, and to be recycled as fire-lighting material.

JOHN CALDER, ArtsFest Steering Committee

Published on 23/06/2015.

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