For the whole of September, visitors and residents will be able to see works by several local sculptors, right here in Lyme Regis. Installation is a big logistics challenge, and that’s just one of the reasons to get lots of land art installations out there early. Another is to suggest to our summer visitors that they could return for the full range of ArtsFest events in September. Another is just to keep John occupied and out of trouble. Some of John’s pieces will remain for the main event, but many are simply marking the spot where something really special is scheduled to arrive, at the end of August. For example, three of the five early pieces in Langmoor Gardens will remain and two of them will make way for sculptures by Greta Berlin for the main event.

The Town Council have permitted a dozen or so sculpture sites on LRTC property around the town, which is brilliant. The sculptures will all have to come down again in October, but before that some will have been changed. So, the sculpture trail is growing now, but it’s a sculpture trail that will also be ‘in transition’' by September.

John Calder, 

Published on 06/07/2015.

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