Six Go to France

Turret Venue

A group of Lyme Regis ArtsFest artists ferried to France in late April to take part in the first art trail organized by B’art’fleur, an artists’ group in Lyme’s French twin, Barfleur in Normandy. Called ‘Village fait gallerie’ (Village turned gallery), this weekend event attracted over 600 people who visited 60 artists exhibiting in 40 different venues around the picturesque village.



Phil Clayton

Carolyn King

Painters Carolyn King and Phil Clayton scored a prime venue, a turreted tower in the centre of the quayside. While Phil was busy outside painting (except when rained forced him into a nearby phonebox), Carolyn held the fort inside, painting and selling copies of her Fish Lizard of Lyme book.

Phil hiding from the rain




Gill Hamlett's Glass

Fused glass artist Gill Hamlett was in a popular high street shop and drew further attention to her window display by stationing her husband’s classic Mini right in front. Gill is used to running a shop since opening her own gallery WithaGee Glass Art on Cross Street in Seaton in February.





Christine AllisonChristine Allison’s powerful seascapes were appropriately on show at one of Barfleur’s attractive harbour-side gites. Her large paintings of birds of prey, although not there in the flesh, were hot topics of conversation, thanks to their recent exhibition in Abu Dhabi and all the publicity that generated.




Terry Jeavons PhotosTerry Jeavons mounted an impressive display of his photographs at the village hall, which he shared with several French artists, and was also able to promote his new venture, Wagtail Art Weekends, a programme of art workshops that he runs from his studio at Dowlands, Rousdon.




Stonebalancer Adrian Gray, though unable to attend, exhibited several of his framed photographs and prints at the atelier of Cecile Berneron, the mosaicist whose mannequins were such a hit on ArtsFest’s own Art Trail in 2013.

The British contingent deeply appreciated the hospitality of their Barfleur hosts and felt the organizers did an impressive job in matching artists to venues and promoting their first Art Trail, the next already being planned for 2016.

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Karol Kulik, Lyme Regis ArtsFest

Published on 13/05/2014.

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