Inspired by the Old Town Dump

Following her popular installation in last year’s ArtsFest re:collection show, Morcombelake artist Ronnie Creswell has now lifted several of the designs that were inspired by beach-combed fragments of crockery in order to create a new range of digital mixed media images. These will form an essential part of her solo exhibition, ‘Inspired by the Old Town Dump’, which will run in the Rotunda Gallery of the Lyme Regis Museum from 25th June to 3rd August.

R Creswell finds from dump

For twelve months preceding last year’s ArtsFest, Ronnie braved the elements to make regular visits to the beach below the Old Town Dump, which had been in use from the 1920s until 1974. She collected fragments of crockery and broken utensils reminiscent of the 1940s and 1950s and then re-made them out of paper mache. The results were displayed in a 1950s style kitchen installation, using a Formica-topped table and an old drop-down-front dresser, as were in common use at that time.


R Creswell Jazz Age Design“When I started the programme of visits to the beach,” says Ronnie, “I had no idea where it was going to lead me, and I left it until I had finished collecting to decide what I would do with my finds. I ended up making work that is completely different from anything I have done before, and re-discovering those old designs, particularly from the Jazz Age, was a joy. I am really pleased to have now found a way to bring forward that project in a series of new digital mixed media pieces which refer back to design in the post-war period.”


Several of the original collected items will be included in the forthcoming exhibition to show the pathway from discarded fragments to new artwork. In addition, some of the new designs have been used for a range of greetings cards, prints and ceramic mugs that will be available for sale in the Museum.

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Karol Kulik, Lyme Regis ArtsFest

Published on 28/04/2014.

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