Gail Sagman: 12 x 12

Local artist Gail Sagman will be exhibiting the latest of her visually uplifting and thought-provoking installations at the Rotunda Gallery of the Lyme Regis Museum from 8 May until 22 June 2014 (daily from 10am to 5pm).

This recent work came as a result of ‘The Great and the Small’, an ArtsFest re:collection project funded by Arts Council England that took Gail and fellow artists to Nepal to follow the Blue Lias geology that links Nepal and Lyme Regis. It was inspired by their discovery that the inter-connections between the two places did not just rest with the underlying seam of rock, and the sculpture echoes the connections that can be forged between different communities through its focus on balance.

12x12 Gail Sagman

Encircling the top of the Museum’s Rotunda, the installation is called ‘12x12’, as it is comprised of 12 arrangements of 12 repeat objects joined together and connected in a balancing act with 1 object. This represents the 12 links in the chain of ‘Dependent Origination’ (the Buddhist teaching of how things come to be, are and cease to be) balancing the 1 supreme being of the Christian and Semitic belief systems.

The sculpture’s physical components and their intricate arrangement provide an aesthetic experience of spinning light and shadow observable from many angles which add to the conceptual nature of the piece.

Gail will be exhibiting more of her current and past work at her studio at The Jam Factory in Uplyme from 23rd to 26th May 2014. Please visit

Karol Kulik, Lyme Regis ArtsFest

Published on 15/03/2014.

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