Austen Bonnet Joins Museum Collection

The first long-term result of re:collection, the collaboration between ArtsFest and the Lyme Regis Museum, has just been announced. At the request of Museum director David Tucker, local artist Annie Ward will be donating one of her paper sculptures, a bonnet commemorating Jane Austen's literary achievements, to the Museum's Austen collection. 

Annie in Jane Austen Bonnet

Annie, who showed the bonnet at this year's ArtsFest, is thrilled that “it's going to a good home”. “This result”, she continues, “fits in well with my current exhibition which was inspired by a paper artefact lost to our this is one Lyme Regis piece that won't be lost!”

From the Museum’s perspective, David is “very pleased to have been offered this lovely item. It’s important that the Museum collects contemporary objects, and this bonnet is a first class piece of work from a talented artist.” ArtsFest organisers were equally delighted. "We were hoping for long-term legacies to be generated from re:collection, but never expected them to start quite so soon after our launch,” said Karol Kulik.


Jane Austen Bonnet

Annie Ward's exhibition 'Looking at the Overlooked' was on display in the Museum's Rotunda Gallery in December and January.  re:collection is an initiative supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Published on 03/02/2013.

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