ArtsFest artist wins prize and joins collection

Local artist, Annie Ward was recently awarded the Dorchester Arts Open 2013 Cash Prize for her painting ‘More Salt and Pepper’, a recent addition to her series called A Democracy of Pots. As Annie explains, ‘my paintings celebrate humble domestic objects remembered from childhood, and this series has developed out of the work which I exhibited at Lyme Regis Museum as part of ArtsFest’s re-collection project.’

Annie Ward

Her connection with the Museum also led to one of her paper sculptures joining the Museum’s Jane Austen collection earlier this year. Annie had made a series of paper-sculpted hats commemorating female authors, called She Wears It Well.  One of them, her Jane Austen bonnet, had been moulded on a hat block from paper strips on to which the text from an online copy of Persuasion had been printed.  After showing it at ArtsFest 2012, Annie felt it was appropriate to donate the bonnet to the Museum where it now nestles with other Austen memorabilia.

You will be able to see more of Annie’s work at this year’s Lyme Regis ArtsFest from 21-29 September. For further information, visit or  

Published on 02/07/2013.

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