John Calder

John's new work will be installed from August onwards but these three pieces remain from last year.


This installation was established alongside the East Cliff steps in August 2015. It was removed in November 2016.

Its premise was that the whole area above the new sea defences is an SSSI which by definition restricts man's management intervention to a minimum to preserve the natural order of the site.  

And yet, the enormously impressive engineering intervention of those sea defences have been approved and undertaken - for all the right reasons.

The inevitable and largely harmonious return of nature is the story portrayed in this construction whose materials arose from conservation work undertaken of nearby hedges in Charmouth. Only small modifications and embellishments will be introduced this summer and then it must be dismantled to make way for further naturalisation of the site.


'Primordial Turmoil' hints at the chaos of the evolutionary process which is recorded in the fossils beneath its foundations. .

A montage of body parts,  reminiscent of flesh & bone, depicting the trial and error inherent in evolution.  Installed in 2015 this was removed in October 2016.

'Lost Footpath'

Originally called, 'From Black Ven to Stonebarrow'. this piece echoed the sweeping coastal landscape which rises (or more accurately falls) each side of Charmouth and laments the loss of the coastal path to the sea. 

It was removed in October 2016.



Sue Palmer made the video shown at the top of this page - she is doing six others for other artists in this year's traIl, and Adrian Gray has his own very special video on his profile page.  Sue is SO good at drawing out of an artist the stories, the rationale, and the intentions that I hope will make your visit to this website so very rewarding. I am not sure I could simply entrust this job to anyone else.  Thanks, Sue.


This is the hedge-laying video clip she did for me a couple of years ago which proved how effective she could be at facilitating an artist's presentation.