Isla Chaney


Photo by

Brendan Buesnel.



'Scamper' is still in Drakes Way from last year's trail. 

'Core Sample Pillar 1' and 'Core Sample Pillar 2' will be installed in July.

Whether they remain for a while depends on funding.



Photo by

Terry Jeavons.


Isla makes intriguing structures that are contemplative and deliberately ambiguous. They are concerned with the internal architecture of things, focusing on the patterns of growth and transformation inherent to all natural phenomena, from micro-organisms to the larger scale geology of the landscape. 

Isla's work is about contrast and contradiction, control and lack of, the natural and the man-made, scientific accuracy and artistic opacity.  Part object, part imagination the works invite / challenge the viewer to piece together what is not immediately evident.  Exploring the relative proportions of solid mass and open space within the made object. 

The voids created within the pieces, are as visually significant as the solid networks which surround them. The works demonstrate a fascination with the relationship between the internal and external. Focusing on the dualisms between the inside and outside, beginning and end, content and form, light and shadow, negative and positive, with what is and what is not. Although peaceful, the works also contain drama and tension. Isla's works are realised using a very limited palette. Believing that the tonal variation within the pieces is enough. Colour and form are reduced to a few basic elements. Monochromatic surfaces that alternate between convex and concave, between inside an outside, between light and dark.

Forms are created in an instinctive way. Although an idea is in mind at the onset Isla uses an intuitive response when making decisions about form.  The individual forms reveal themselves through the process of making. Pieces range from small intimate objects of a domestic scale to those that are larger and more robust. 

Works are made for commissions, exhibitions and installations.

Isla studied at Bath Spa University College gaining a First Class BA Hons degree.  She then went on to study  at the Royal College of Art in London where she gained her second degree -  Master Of Arts.