Greta Berlin


Greta was born and brought up in and around St Ives during the 40's and 50's. And was inspired by Bernard Leach, potter and Philosopher and her father Sven Berlin, sculptor, watching them, for hours as they formed their work under their hands, one the sensual growth of a pot on the wheel the other carving away, bit by bit, to reveal the image.

After years of travel with a young family, GB settled in the New Forest to teach ceramics for the next 20 years. Making and showing ceramic sculpture since ‘74, her development took her into stone carving and welded steel structures. The latter gave her the freedom to work on a larger scale. In '92 she moved to West Dorset where she enjoys the space and big skies of her beloved West Country.

In her sculpture she reflects the dichotomy of our inner lives; a woman needing a creative life, maybe, yet fearing her ability to give her children all they need as well. The anomalies of the world around us; The ‘have and have-nots'. The innocent victims of conflict. And, in a lighter mood, the exuberance of a youth on a skateboard.

So far, in painting, it is about colour. Putting colours together that shimmer with energy. Her strengths lie with the figure, which she has drawn and sculpted for more than 40 years. Though, in two dimensions she also has the journey into landscape and context. Greta Berlin has exhibited throughout England and has work in many public places and private collections.


Lost Identity - a work in progress





Fish Boy