David Parker



I am drawn to the structural imagery of the industrial and the natural world and to the patterns (or metapatterns) that form the basis for material existence. 

I often start making sculptures with the things I regard as ‘universals’ such as spheres, spirals, cubes, lines and binaries, the familiar structures and relationships of everyday life.  A computer artist uses a similar palette to build and render a 3D model but for me it’s more the existence of palette that is the inspiration for my artworks. I’m fascinated by the contrasts and relationships between geometric and organic forms and the tension between my awareness of my surroundings and my own self -consciousness as the designer and physical maker with my own patterns and capabilities. 

For me, making sculpture an on-going dialectic that recognises and responds to these dualistic elements but it’s also a recognition that my observation are not independent from my own physical and mental nature.

Photos by David Parker