Dave Holland


At my workshop in Axminster, I use mostly clay and plaster to develop ideas before realising them by carving in stone or having them cast in bronze or filled resin.

Ideas can come from anywhere – an emotional reaction perhaps or a fleeting form. Not always easy to give them a name but sometimes a metaphor will attach itself.

Always in search of something new!



The Thin Grey Line (between pleasure and pain)

This sculpture started life as a clay doodle based on the way a tightly bent leg fits snugly together against itself. Not an easy thing to do.!

The doodle developed into a human form lying on a bed of stress waves, but it didn’t work very well, so I stood it upright and abstracted the shape to reduce the human reference.

At this point I wasn’t sure whether this rippling, arched form was depicting agony or ecstasy, but then I made the connection with the passions expressed in “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L.James.

The inner and outer contours of smooth and rough surfaces follow the same line and are only separated by “the thin grey line between pleasure and pain”.

 Portland stone / 1.4 metres high /  £4,500


 The Miller 

We have a floral print sofa at home and as I was coming around from my afternoon nap I could visualise a grotesque face among the foliage.   I photographed it, strengthened the lines and used it for this figure which you will see on the trail.

I love this local stone but it does not allow for fine detail, so he stands in a style reminiscent of the broadly treated granite figures that decorate the churches of Brittany.

Ham stone / About 45 cms high / £625