Carolyn King

Carolyn will have one mosaic bee in our 2016 Parklands Sculpture Trail and another in the Artisan Sculpture Trail.  

This mosaic bee is currently resident in Millers Garden at the Town Mill.


This one hovers on the wall outside the Malthouse Gallery, down by the Town Mill.




By way of a sneak preview of the new book… 

“Life was good and organised, For bees of every shape and size.”

“From worker bees to lazy drone,

The queen gave every one a home.”

“Each little bee had a job to do,

From feeding grubs to sweeping poo!”



Carolyn’s new book will be published in 2017 and will tell of a little bee who wanted adventure; to do everything but learn nothing!  Until one day a strange perfume wafted on the breeze and our little bee forgot all about home, honey and how important it was to be part of a team. For without the help of our little bee, the world would have no food, no food at all; especially no apples! 

The Fish Lizard of Lyme,

and Along Came a Seagull are in print now.



Arts training:

Sir John Cass, 

St. Martins and Chelsea Schools

(P.G.C.E) Bucks Chiltern University.

Member of Bamm (British Association of Modern Mosaic)


Subject matter has a ‘genre’* bias:

Hopefully unpretentious, reflecting a ‘serious sense of fun’ 

Worked for OUP and Transworld,

Hospitals and Schools. both in London. and the provinces 

Major shows include the RA summer Exhibition

The RWA Selected painters and Newlyn Orion.

Mosaic Sculptures also shown in Litchfield Cathedral, Salisbury Museum Grounds and Delamore Sculpture Park. 

With aid from the Arts council, recently published two successful rhyming ‘children’s’ books:

The Fish Lizard of Lyme and Along Came a Seagull!

Both of which have large mosaic sculptures to delight and amuse!  Of course not every story or rhyme gets its own book but as a way of working I often make large sculptures to enhance the telling of the tale and sometimes, it may be years later when the time is right, it just might! 

I often get asked what influences my work, well, it’s the ‘what if’ factor, and the pleasure of drawing. ‘Taking a line for a walk’ (and seeing where it ends up) is always an adventure!

 Apart from Mosaic, my illustration work uses graphite or egg tempera (an ancient medium not often used).

*Genre art is the pictorial representation of scenes or events from everyday life, such as markets, domestic settings, interiors, parties, inn scenes, and street scenes. Recently I have returned to printmaking as an additional ‘book making’ tool.  Can we have a favourite but unsold illustration here of a print? I know this is a drawing but I love it – ‘worth its weight in gold’

 NB. ‘Ivor’ the Ichthyosaur is currently on loan from its home in Lyme to Seaton Jurassic and ‘Mine’ a pair of Seagulls is on private loan until 2017.


Carolyn King March 2016